Authenticity is Addictive™ 
is a publication for passionate entrepreneurs who are brave enough to brand themselves like they have nothing to lose. Learn how to build a cult following with the only thing that mattersyour story.

Hey, I’m Tiffany.

I’m a Creative Brand Strategist & Storyteller powered by Big Introvert Energy and a wild imagination.

I believe your story is the heart and soul of your business. It’s what makes you one-in-a-million in the eyes of your audience.

A consummate fantasy geek and consumer psychology junkie, I apply principles of world building and narrative to create an architecture for ongoing engagement between audiences and brands.

This is how you give extraordinary meaning to the ordinary. And your customers crave that.

That’s how you become unforgettable.
That’s how you become the only option.
That’s how you make the sale, over and over and over again.

Once upon a time I was a booked and busy consultant…

But there wasn’t enough of me to go around. At the moment, I’ll take the occasional consulting gig only if the price is right!

These days I prefer to spend my time sharing everything I know inside Authenticity is Addictive™, a digital publication that explores entrepreneurship, marketing, and creativity through the lens of brand, within the context of relationship.

If you’ve got a vision so big it scares you, you’re in good company. I’ll show you how to create your own roadmap, make your own lane, and identify the steps you need to take to go the distance.

Build a cult following with Authenticity is Addictive


"Tiffany is a copywriter's dream. Working with her is about as hard as taking a nap. She is responsive, collaborative, and creative. She goes above and beyond to deliver fun to read, personality-packed, and high-converting copy. She's a warm, kind, generous human who is clearly dedicated to her craft. 10/10 would recommend."

Brittany McBean, Owner @ Brittany McBean

"Tiffany has the power to captivate without feeling sensational. As a coach, I wanted to feel like the final product aligned with my brand. Tiffany was the perfect person for the job. She made my client feel at ease, asked thoughtful questions and captured the essence of my client exceptionally well. I couldn't be happier with the final product."

Jeneffer Joe, Work-Life Balance Coach @ Living Out Goals

"Tiffany is the perfect team member to have when you are on a deadline and need copy that is clear, crystallized and converts. And she delivers it all in style and on time."

Holly Williams, Owner @ Holly Writes Copy

"Tiffany is a magician with words. She led me through her process carefully and was able to turn interviews with myself and my client into a case study that shines! I will use Tiffany in the future for any copywriting needs I have!"

Letitia Stafford, Owner & Podcast Producer @ Letitia Stafford

"WOW! what can I say. Tiffany was the missing piece of my puzzle that I needed to help me bring my coaching program/business together. Before working with Tiffany I was literally "stuck."Now, I can say with confidence, after working with her I now have a clearer vision of my business, along with tools, and strategies to implement to get me moving. She's very knowledgeable, sharp, clear, and precise. I also appreciate her wisdom, compassion and I look forward to working with her again. She matched everything in her business description."

Doretha Johnson, Owner @ Doretha Johnson

"Working with Tiffany was a great experience. Her professionalism and attention to detail is extraordinary! I explained to her my situation, and her quick, decisive action led to a discovery that was causing my website major issues. She dedicated her time and attention to my issue and resolved it in a timely fashion. I would definitely work with her a

Roxana Joy Guy, Owner @ Just Add That

"Tiffany's help has been a life saver for me. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and systematic organization style allows me to double my productivity. I rest easy knowing she's a part of my extended team."

C. Wade, District Plant Engineering Supervisor @ UPS

"Tiffany did an excellent job on the project. She is driven and skilled and demonstrated a high level of professionalism through our time working together. She was also adherent to my strict deadline so I really appreciate her help. I look forward to working with her again!"

Elizabeth R., Freelance Copywriter @ Upwork

"Tiffany was very professional and easy to work with! Her quality of work speaks for itself."

Erica Vose, Blogger @ Mom Sets The Table

"Tiffany is amazing at social media content curation and strategy! She really transformed and improved my social media exposure!"

J.R. Bryant, CEO @ Private Company

Build a cult following for your business with the only thing that matters—your story.

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