Authenticity is Addictive is the podcast that teaches creative entrepreneurs like you how to create, refine and leverage powerful brand stories that resonate with your dream clients, so they take action.

Story is the filter our brains use to process new information, build connections, and make sense of the world around us.

If you want to become more visible, build your authority, and scale your brand, sharing your raw, relatable stories is the key to spreading your big idea.

People are drawn to leaders who inspire change through empathy.

And there’s no better way to cultivate empathy and forge relationships than to boldly express your guiding truth.

Because Authenticity is Addictive.

“Authenticity is addictive. In a world that is increasingly skeptical, people respond to messages they can relate to.” – Tiffany A. Ingle

Authenticity is Addictive is a weekly digital publication that explores entrepreneurship and marketing through the lens of brand, within the context of relationship. Join our community to get our latest newsletters, podcast episodes, and trainings delivered straight to your inbox.

Tiffany A. Ingle

Brand Voice Strategist | Authenticity Translator | Founder, Ingleheim Media


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