“The number one tip for interviewing, in general, is be quiet. The less you talk, the more people will say, and the less material that you give them that can shape their answers.” – Andrea Shah

Your brand exists in the minds of your customers. So if you want to strengthen your brand and grow your business, you need to get really good at finding out how your customers think about you and how they believe you can improve their lives. In this episode, we’ll hear from Copywriter & Launch Strategist Andrea Shah about how to conduct a Voice of Customer interview that uncovers the stories you need to craft the most powerful messages.

Andrea Shah is an expert at writing sales copy that isn’t sales-y, with a focus on personality and storytelling. She loves listening to her clients, figuring out exactly what their voice sounds like, and writing copy that makes them say, “OMG, this sounds like me!”

Join us for our conversation, where we discuss:

→Why DIY copy templates diminish your brilliant ideas and hinder your ability to connect with the right people

→Interviewing your audience is your ticket to discovering what your audience needs and what motivates them to get it, in their own words

→A non-intimidating approach to understanding someone’s voice

→How to create a safe and comfortable environment for your interviewee so that they will speak freely

→The differences between interviewing buyers vs. non-buyers

→Why you must develop the skill of showing empathy to be an effective interviewer

→How buzzwords compromise the clarity of your messaging

→Tips for avoiding interview bias


“Authenticity is addictive. In a world that is increasingly skeptical, people respond to messages they can relate to.” – Tiffany A. Ingle

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Tiffany A. Ingle

Creative Brand Strategist & Storyteller, Ingleheim Media

Andrea Shah knows what it takes to get customers to speak openly and honestly about what matters most to them. In this episode, she shared some of her best tips for building rapport with customers and inviting them to speak their minds.

Here are some takeaways from our conversion:

  • Voice of Customer interviews provide you with insights into what your audience is actually thinking and feeling, and how they actually talk about what matters to them.
  • Add light-hearted questions to your interviews so that your interviewee will feel comfortable speaking naturally rather than giving you polished responses that may not be true to how they’d communicate under different circumstances.
  • The number one tip for conducting a good interview is to be quiet. The less you say, the more space you give to the other person to speak.

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