Get conversion copy served your way:
À la carte or Prix fixe

À la carte (starter menu)

This experience is perfect for you if:

♦ you need a mini email sequence or standard sales page

♦ you’ve got a ton of recent data and assets to share (so that I can work my magic without having to email you a bazillion times)

♦ your ideal turnaround time is <72 hours after securing a spot on my calendar

♦ you want to kick back and relax while my capable hands churn out your copy

♦ you want the finished document and a brief video walkthrough (no phone calls or rounds of edits required!)


In the mood for the à la carte experience?

Tap the button below for service.

Prix fixe (premium menu)

This experience is perfect for you if:

♦ you desire the full white-glove treatment

♦ your project is complex and in need of expert guidance

♦ you’ve got data, but not enough…and you can’t make heads nor tails of it

♦ your desired turnaround time is longer due to the significant scope

♦ you want access to my signature reports for insight into what makes your customers tick

♦ your team wants to be kept in the loop each step of the way

♦ you dig wireframes that tell you how to place your copy on the page for maximum impact

♦ you want a custom proposal with deliverables tailored to the needs of your campaign

In the mood for the premium experience?

Here’s how it works:

Phase 1 – Engagement

  • Your intake form is your Golden Ticket. Give me as much information as you can so I know if your needs are a fit for my services.
  • Next, we do things the old fashioned way – we’ll have a short 15-minute-or-less-chat. The goal: Find out if we like each other. Because life should be enjoyable (even if you’re working!)
  • On our next rendezvous, we get down to the nitty-gritty. You can even get my Jane Hancock on your NDA beforehand if you’d like. Expect to tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly about your project. 

If you require a consultation to determine which copy project makes the most sense for your business, we can set up a paid session to get that squared away before we proceed.

  • If we’ve made it this far, you must be pretty special! I’ll present my proposal and my final quote. But before we celebrate, we’ll make it official: Your signed contract and 50% deposit lands you a slot on my calendar to kickoff the project.

After that? Champagne.

Phase 2 – Discovery

  • I spend time getting to know you – your voice, goals, past wins, and areas for improvement – while taking a deep dive (Mariana Trench level) into your data.
  • I spend time getting to know your prospects and customers with surveys, phone calls, and other tools of the trade to get a clear picture of who they are and what they need.
  • I compile the research and fill you in with all the juicy details. Once we’ve agreed on the plan of action, it’s time for me to write.

Phase 3 – Delivery

  • I’ll create a stellar first draft that speaks powerfully to your audience and satisfies your marketing goals.
  • I’ll wireframe or mockup the copy so you can see it come to life.
  • You’ll receive the initial draft for review. We’ll discuss your feedback and the research supporting my creative choices.
  • After I incorporate any necessary edits, you’ll sign off on the final draft.
  • As soon as I receive the 2nd half of your payment for the project, the work is all yours!

Delicious copy is on the other side of the button below.

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"Tiffany is a magician with words. She led me through her process carefully and was able to turn interviews with myself and my client into a case study that shines! I will use Tiffany in the future for any copywriting needs I have!"

Letitia Stafford, Owner & Podcast Producer @ Letitia Stafford

"Working with Tiffany was a great experience. Her professionalism and attention to detail is extraordinary! I explained to her my situation, and her quick, decisive action led to a discovery that was causing my website major issues. She dedicated her time and attention to my issue and resolved it in a timely fashion. I would definitely work with her a

Roxana Joy Guy, Owner @ Just Add That

"Tiffany's help has been a life saver for me. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and systematic organization style allows me to double my productivity. I rest easy knowing she's a part of my extended team."

C. Wade, District Plant Engineering Supervisor @ UPS

"Tiffany did an excellent job on the project. She is driven and skilled and demonstrated a high level of professionalism through our time working together. She was also adherent to my strict deadline so I really appreciate her help. I look forward to working with her again!"

Elizabeth R., Freelance Copywriter @ Upwork

"Tiffany was very professional and easy to work with! Her quality of work speaks for itself."

Erica Vose, Blogger @ Mom Sets The Table

"Tiffany is amazing at social media content curation and strategy! She really transformed and improved my social media exposure!"

J.R. Bryant, CEO @ Private Company

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