Authenticity Is Addictive Vol 2 Issue 2: Six Seconds

Picture this:

It’s the not too distant future, when it’s safe enough to gather in an enclosed space with strangers again. 

You’re rubbing shoulders with 49 attractive singles at a speed dating event inside a trendy tapas bar. 

The air is alive with excitement and anticipation. Will this be the night you finally meet your dream date?

You take a few moments to size up the competition before the hostess pairs everyone off and rings the bell for round 1. 

You notice several insta-perfect clones draped in shimmery, low cut clubwear, chittering together as they flash cut crease bedroom eyes at the bachelors in the room.

Feeling overdressed and under-groomed, your heart pounds as you scan the room for the exit.

Juuuuust as you’re about to execute a swift French goodbye…

You see him.

He’s tall.

His shoulders are broad.

His cheekbones could cut glass.

And if you were close enough to smell him, you’d be greeted by the scent of a fine oudh and amber based Emirati attar.

He’s a Dahlhaus-Momoa-Elba doppelgänger.

And in a matter of minutes—should you decide to stick around— you’ll be face-to-face, receiving 100% of his attention during a brief, potentially life-altering conversation.

This is your chance to shoot your shot to your perfect match.

Get this right, and the door opens to future dates…

…and, perhaps one day, a commitment.

So, what are you going to say when that bell rings to leave him salivating for more?

Perhaps speed dating isn’t one of your post-p*ndemic plans, but this scenario plays out every day when your audience visits your website.

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“Authenticity is addictive. In a world that is increasingly skeptical, people respond to messages they can relate to.” – Tiffany A. Ingle

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Tiffany A. Ingle

Creative Brand Strategist, Ingleheim Media


You have a max of 6 seconds to capture the attention of your best fit prospects-and hold it-so that they decide to invest more time to get to know you, to like you, and to trust you.

Do you know how to effectively explain who you are and what you stand for when every second counts?

Before I mastered the elements of brand storytelling, I struggled to get my business off the ground. I couldn’t articulate the value I offered, so I had difficulty attracting the amazing clients I dreamed of partnering with.

The problem? I was too focused on emulating other more successful brands than doing the work to develop my authentic voice.

Once I clearly defined the elements of my brand story, I empowered myself to share it in a compelling way. 

This is the secret I have used to build profitable relationships with my dream clients.

Now I’m an in demand Authenticity Translator, with a passion for helping brands like yours make more money with better messaging and story driven launches.

When you’re ready to put the power of your story to work in your business, let’s have a conversation.



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